This is the first trailer I worked on for Crysis 3. The official announcement trailer. I created nearly all the cinematic shots as well as the twitch edits at the beginning.

As a Cinematic artist at crytek I worked on Crysis 3’s ingame cinematics as well as promotional materials.

The introductory cinematic to Crysis 3, codenamed ‘Jailbreak. The story involved a team of rebels infiltrating a dock in order to free Prophet, the games protagonist.

I worked on camera animation, lighting, composition and staging. I coordinated with the game team throughout the project in order to ensure the cinematic matched the game level. The final result is rendered entirely from the game engine.

This was a really interesting project, we combined efforts with Goldtooth, MetricMinds and Cutwater to create this 30 second piece. Goldtooth creative ( worked with cutwater and EA on the concept and implemented the entire trailer in Maya. We we’re then tasked with taking those maya files into CryENGINE 3 and rendering. U worked on lighting, some camera tweaks here and there and set dressing, mostly on the opening shots. My job was all done in under 1 week.

I also helped out with shots for the ‘Seven Wonders of Crysis 3’ the 3rd person inserts as well as some AI scripting (The purposefully unpredictable nature of the AI in the game makes it very difficult to capture the same thing twice!)

I used flowgraph in CryENGINE 3 (it’s a visual scripting tool similer to kismet) to script the AI behaviour, so the AI reacted the same way each time we did this continuous long take (okay so there are a couple of cheeky edits… see if you can spot them):