Early in 2016 I worked on Skyharbor, a VR Benchmark created to test computer systems with high end Virtual reality rendering. The benchmark is runs on Oculus rift, OSVR and HTC Vive. CryENGINE V and fully supports DX12. The Art/Concept/Design is from Erasmus Brosdau (http://erasmusbrosdau.crevado.com/).

I was responsible for staging the experience (the viewer can look around 360 degrees at all times.) and creating visual and audio cues to attract the viewers attention. I worked on 3d assets, lighting, set dressing and optimization throughout the production. Everything was created to scale to match our very ambitious blockout/whitebox. This gives the benchmark a feeling of immense cinematic scale that can only be experienced in VR. It was challenging to create a cinematic feeling that didn’t make players feel sick and allowed the player to become engaged with the story (the benchmark is 6 minutes long).

Towards the end of production I organized optimization on the art side, and worked with the code team to profile builds and iron out lag spikes and other performance bugs/anomalies.