Warface is Crytek’s new Free to play shooter. I’ve worked on several trailers for Warfare which you can find below.

Warface – Launch Trailer

This is the first trailer I directed at Crytek. I was handed a general brief and script, and given a lot of freedom to implement it. We used Cinebox for the rendering and the vast majority of the assets are from the actual Warface game.

I directed the project from storyboarding to animation reference shoot, to previs, the motion capture shoot, final animation and the final video edit. For the cinematic shots themselves I worked on composition, lighting, camera animation, miscellaneous animation (rope physics simulation, rigid body physics simulation) set dressing and staging. We made extensive use of Alembic technology

Five people in total worked on this trailer. Viktor Ikkes (cinematics), Antoine Tran (Animation), Philip Roberts (Video Editor) and Dima Gait (Character modelling).

Here’s the trailer:

I worked on Cinematic shots for these trailers, using in-game assets. I worked on Composition, digital set dressing, Lighting and Particle FX.